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Sponsoring Packages

Thank you very much for being interested in supporting our non-profit cause!
We offer different sponsoring packages for different budgets and Geldbörserln ;)

Here you'll find a list of Sponsoring Packages for our regular bi-weekly events.
If you interested in sponsoring our Hackathon on 9.2.2019 please click here!
We also offer in-house workshops.

Meta Data Meetups


Location & Pizza Sponsoring

Provide room with 25 desk spaces (5-6 people can sit on one desk, we need 5 desks and 25 chairs), a projector, basics (WIFI, toilet) and amenities (food and drinks).

Silver Package

Price: 499€ (no VAT / keine Ust)

Gold Package

Price: 999€ (no VAT / keine Ust)

Platinum Package

Price: 1.999€ (no VAT / keine Ust)

Contact Us!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Email: barbara@womenandcode.org

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